Adam’s Review of the LL

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An excerpt from Adam’s post:
Well, Ottmar has finally launched his new Listening Lounge to the public! Canton took production for this into his own hands and he did quite an amazing job–what a programmer! The layout is simple, easy to use, well-organized, the Music Library system is fantastic, I was just extremely impressed with the whole thing. Ottmar has essentially created his own iTunes, but with better music and, even, a better layout. Now for the music…come on, 8 minutes of Silence: No More Longing live for just a dollar speaks for itself, I think! He can do so much with this, I am really, really looking forward to the future of this lounge. Already there are plenty of live tracks from the past three years, his albums, Jon’s albums, the rest of t-one 1996 (I never knew there was more than just the first four tracks!!)

Well said, Adam.


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