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02005-07-20 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

This afternoon I invited a few select people to preview the ListeningLounge. We are ready and should launch by the weekend, unless they discover some problems. I have even started uploading loops… and am thinking of soon offering something you might find interesting: a play by play experience of the creation of up close. I will upload rough mixes as the songs grow…


  1. Loteus

    Awesome, Ottmar. You’re really pushing the envelope with LL and I hope it all goes well! :)

  2. Adam Solomon

    It’s amazing. Purely incredible. What else can be said? :) Play-by-play of up close sounds…just so enticing! I’ve already told you my thoughts, but I think this bears repeating: I am so, so excited for this, because so much can be done with it, and the plans right now for it look just great.

  3. Mel

    How exciting!!! Can’t wait!!! :-)

  4. Curt

    I’m speechless. Well, except for those words…


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