Global Rich List

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How rich are you? Richer than most people in the world, I bet.

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  1. Mel

    The Global Rich List was very interesting to me because even though I don’t earn very much by US standards, I am filthy rich compaired to much of the rest of the world.

    It’s amazing how materialistic the US is. I blame a lot of materialism on the media because of the way they portray things as “must have”, and “since your neighbors have it, you need it too”, or worse yet, “you need to outdo your neighbors”. I think that everyone from this country should visit a 3rd world country. I bet we as a nation wouldn’t be so materialistic if we knew what it was like for other people. I’m not saying that materialism is bad or that we shouldn’t have nice things or anything like that. I just think that we need to take the emphasis off of “acquiring stuff to keep up with the Joneses” and put more of an emphasis on how we can share some of our wealth with others less fortunate than us in order to improve their lives.


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