Toyota – BP – Biofuels

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Toyota Motor Corp. has begun negotiations aimed at engaging in a joint research project with major oil company BP Plc., Nikkei Business has learned. The project concerns biofuels, alternative fuels derived from plant matter. By entering into a new tie-up with BP, Toyota hopes to conduct research into matters such as the economic viability of biofuels, their effect on vehicles, and possible raw materials. Talks are currently focused on narrowing down the research interests. BP already operates a biofuel refinery in partnership with European companies, and is working to commercialize biofuels.

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  1. Carol

    It’s so complex isn’t it? While they are planning on building a huge ethanol plant near here, reserchers at Cornell and Berkley say it takes 29% more energy to turn corn into fuel than the amount of fuel it produces. I always question these exact percents Surely it’s possible to use renewable energy to produce more renewable energy.
    I’m sure there’s a way.


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