Talk or Drive

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People who talk on the phone — handheld or not — while driving are four times more likely to be involved in an injury accident, a new study concludes.
(Via Wired News.)

I have had to face talkers coming at me on my side of the street several times now. Not fun, unless you like playing chicken.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Not sure if it is in NM, but in New York talking on a non-hands-free (hands-captured?) phone is illegal. At least now they can only use hands-free, which is still a bit better…

  2. Monsoon

    It’s not the issue of their hands being occupied, it’s the driver not paying attention to the road because they are concentrating on the phone call. Most people can eat a snack and drink a (non-alcoholic) beverage while driving and there’s no problem.


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