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Former METALLICA and current VOIVOD bassist Jason Newsted recently teamed up with Roy Rogers (slide/blues guitar master) and Carl Coletti (formerly with Ottmar Liebert) to create a new project called HEARD OF ELEMENTS. They wrote and recorded four brand new songs, which they are sharing first with all of their fans.

And how did they meet, Carl Coletti and Jason Newsted, you might ask? Why, they met in a dressing room of the Beacon Theater in New York City in 1996, during the Opium tour when Jason, who was still with Metallica then, came to check us out. I remember being surprised, when a Sony rep asked if Jason could say hi during the intermission. I believe Eric Schermerhorn played electric guitar on a couple of pieces that night as well…


  1. Adam Solomon

    Wow, the OL-Metallica connection–I never would have guessed! How cool! I guess even heavy metal rockers can appreciate softer, refined music.

  2. Jorge

    I am a little surprised. But then I’ve been to both Metallica and Ottmar’s concerts and have all of their albums. I am a HUGE fan of both. very cool.


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