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Tree Care Solutions with Rubbersidewalks

Rubbersidewalks are becoming popular in California, Florida and New York. They are not only an economical solution but they are easy to install as well. Unlike concrete, Rubbersidewalks’ pavers can be lifted for tree root trimming then replaced. Crews can easily trim tree roots every two or three years while roots are still in the offshoot stage and there is no damage to the health or stability of the tree and, because of rubber’s flexibility, it allows for the sidewalks to bend when the tree roots grow. Rubber is lighter and more resilient than concrete, therefore tree roots get sufficient water and oxygen through the paver seams. Modularity and the unique relationship between Rubbersidewalks and tree roots results in maintainable sidewalks and a flourishing urban forest. Rubbersidewalks is made from 100% recycled tire rubber and is also available for residential use.
(Via Treehugger)


  1. Eno

    That’s an idea I had awhile ago. Although my thoughts were for freeways and streets in general. In a place like Los Angeles where earthquakes are not that uncommon it would make sense! Rubber would just wobble where concrete breaks. Now the question is where do we get that much rubber and what effect would that have on the environment?

  2. Carol

    Maybe we could use cork, which would serve a number of purposes. The streets and sidewalks would be quieter, it would be softer landing, and the cork trees could flourish again. May have to add something to it but it might be just the thing.

  3. Ole

    We have an experimental rubbersidewalk near our house and it is pretty nice. Feels more like walking on a carpet than on a street. Nice to know it is easier on trees, too…


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