Foot Stool

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The foot stool worked great for several reasons.

1. My foot/leg didn’t fall asleep once.
2. My back hurt much less than before.
3. The position seems to cradle the guitar less, and it can therefore resonate better. I don’t cradle the guitar much anyway, but this made it even easier. I was starting to use this deliberately as an effect as well, because it changes the sound quite a bit.


  1. Carol

    That’s good. I’d hate to think of you hurting or even being uncomfortable. Anything you can do to be as at ease as your music sounds would be great.

  2. Jorge

    My instructor had me put my left foot on the stool and rest the guitar on that leg. That always felt uncomfortable and unnatural. I’m glad you found a comfortable solution. I notice that you set the stool pretty high.

  3. Panj

    Hear! Hear! Carol!!!


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