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Last year I found out that Nestle appears to own more spring water companies than anybody. This year I am discovering that Coca-Cola is in the water-game as well. In 2001 Coca-Cola purchased the Californian juice producer Odwalla and is now producing Odwalla spring water. I also found a PR release that announced Coca-Cola’s intention to purchase Chaudfontaine, a high-quality mineral water in Belgium. How many waters have they acquired by now?


  1. Victor

    Pretty soon you will have your choice of Coke-water, Pepsi-water, or Nestle-water. Just seems a little whacky all this bottling up and shipping around of something that comes out of your faucet. Sure, spring water is different – but if the whole world decides they need to drink spring water then we’ve got a problem.

  2. Ottmar

    since many children die each week from the lack of drinking water – see my post from Chico a couple of weeks ago – and the demand for water growing exponentially I think these water companies will become the Exxon and Shell of the 21st century, with water much more expensive than gasoline…

  3. Borya

    oh yes, that’s obvious. and there’s much more behind it.

  4. Rob

    Quite a dichotomy here – on the more common end are those who drink carbonated drinks all the while clueless to the damage that they can wreak and the on the other end of the spectrum are the more health-conscious folks who understand that hydration is key.

    It’s kind of sad how the big soda-pop companies can play both ends against the middle to become even richer and more powerful. And it’s sad how these companies are thriving by, in no small part, contributing to the health decline of the nation as a whole and driving up healthcare costs. For a surprisingly huge number of kids (and lots of adults, too!) carbonated beverages comprise their primary daily fluid intake.


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