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You can now subscribe to our ListeningLounge podcast via Apple’s iTunes. Just open iTunes, click on Podcasts and then search for ottmar. Could not be easier.

We will continue to have free music on our podcasts. I am also thinking of adding some talks to our podcasts. Some conversations about music with Jon, for example.


  1. Eno

    That would be awesome!

  2. Adam Solomon

    Well, I must admit, even though it’s tough to sync this with my Zen, not having an iPod (you’ll never convert me!! :P), iTunes provides one of the easiest and most intuitive ways of managing podcasts I’ve seen, and it’ll make using them a hell of a lot easier. Very cool, and looking forward to the new LL!

  3. Borya

    i hope the LL will be accesable in other ways as well. :)

  4. Curt

    Is there any way for a non-iPod user (I’m like Adam!) to enjoy any of what’s going on over at iTunes?


  5. Victor

    That would be very cool to hear the talks! On that subject, I recall at one time you were talking about taking more video’s on the road (behind the scenes stuff). Is that happening or perhaps still in the planning for a future tour?

  6. Mausky

    Yes bitte. As Borya and Victor say. Many of us are Podless but we do have video players. Even having just your Music is perfect too!

  7. Ole

    This is awesome! Not content to make wonderful music, you guys have mastered the latest technology, too…


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