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Blogdigger sent me this Japanese post regarding the Mountain Winery.

I have to tell you, this is one of our favorite gigs! Hard load-in and load-out, because everything has to be driven from the parking lot to the stage in a small truck. But the staff is great, and familiar since we have played here for many years. Catering rocks. And the audience is wonderful.


  1. Just Me

    i am beginning to think that this venue sounds more perfect for a fanmenco gathering…in the future?

  2. princessflutter

    Friday’s show at Mountain Winery was awesome, as it has been for many years. Not to mention we met Ottmar’s assistant, she was nice.
    Our first Ottmar show ever there was a mixup with our tickets. We paid for what we thought was going to be dinner and the concert. Turned out to be dinner, no concert. After bringing it to MW’s attention, we were seated up by the stage with a perfect view of the band. That’s customer service at its best!

  3. Borya

    depends on what you mean, heather. go there and you’ll find a lot of lovers of ottmar’s music attending the show. :)

  4. Just Me

    boris, of course there are always lots of ottmar fans at each of his concerts! and you know darn well what i mean! :-)

  5. Mausky

    A WONDERFUL venue! If anyone can get here, they should! A lovely ampitheatre nestled in the mountain side with good mountain aire, a European stage setting and then awesome panoramic views of Silicon Valley all lit up afterwards…all this on top of Ottmar and Luna Negra! ~ Pure Magic ~ Hopefully Luna Negra comes here often!!!!!!!!! You guys totally ROCK!



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