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Jon and I are sitting in a cafe with free Wi-Fi about a block from the venue, drinking Mexican Mochas with triple shots of Espresso. Zing!

Woke up and saw a garbage truck pass our bus. On the side was a sign that read: Satisfaction guaranteed or double your garbage back!
That seems like a fair deal…

Bend was fun yesterday, but we didn’t get to go into town as the Athletic Club is in a new develpment area. I was taken to a local radio station called Clear Radio – no affiliation with Clear Channel – for an interview and a little guitar-playing. Took some photos during the Drum Duet and will hopefully upload them later today or tomorrow.


  1. Eno

    The only problem I have with waste management is that they’re always trying to trash your garbage.

  2. carolo

    A GR8 BIG welcome to PDX! Will be watching for more photos.

  3. Yumiko

    Triple shots?! +1 said, “…with that much espresso you’d vibrate until your teeth rattle…”


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