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All proceeds from “An evening with Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra” will go toward the new international “Water For Life” project, which – with your help and the efforts of Rotary International – will provide Third World Central American countries the means for securing potable water. 35,000 children die EACH WEEK from non-potable water. The Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is proud to be working in conjunction with Danny Salas of Access Real Estate Lending and Paradise Rotary to present this special event.

The Show is Sold Out! I am proud to be part of this. It’s intermission right now and I have to tell you – damn we are playing really well tonight. For additional information, please visit More on


  1. LunaDauhnn


    I’m looking forward to seeing the show at the Aladdin theater in Portland….

    Judging from your comments about LA (I originally hale from San Diego…HATE LA) looks like Portland will be refreshingly different.

    Ottmar, if you get the chance, a good place to check out the local Indy music scene and see a variety of folks (all ages) turn out is at the Doug Fir Lounge…really, I’ve been all over the U.S. and this venue is different, especially for Portland.


  2. Carol

    What a perfect cause for you to contribute your concert to!
    It would be doubly good if those same children were introduced to the music of the person who helped bring them clean water. How happy they could be.

  3. Gnome of the Garden

    Now the world is going to sing in Harmony when forces unite!

    Two thumbs up Ottmar Rythm and sound ! Jackie

  4. Panj

    I hope Chico treated you guys all like royalty!!! Wish I could have been there…Perhaps when I get there, I will take my auntie to the Big Room for lunch and soak up the residue of Magic you guys left in the walls and woods and fabrics…:-)))…God Speed!!!…~lotsa~ happy playing!!!


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