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Turned on the radio yesterday and found the absolutely greatest station ever! It’s called the Ottmar Liebert Only Network.’O.L. IS ON! All Ottmar all the time on OLON 87.9 FM.


  1. Panj

    Very funny Victor…you had me going there for a minute! Perhaps I have passed over that ‘fan’ status a bit as your article didn’t even phase me at first…of COURSE there would be an Ottmar Only station…LOL…:-)))

  2. Adam Solomon

    Yeah, and here we were getting all excited!! :) Actually, if anybody wanted to make something like that, it wouldn’t be exceedingly difficult–SHOUTcast (shoutcast.com) has everything you need to start broadcasting online radio, at least. So if someone with a decent internet connection wanted to make that…I have a station of my own, but sadly, it doesn’t play all-OL — it only plays a-whole-big-lot-of-OL!! :P

  3. Victor

    ;-) I got the rest of my collection loaded – just need a slightly bigger transmitter to patch into! In the mean time I’m on a O.L. music binge and loving it!

  4. Curt

    Did you notice that your online music service spelled “Passing Storm” incorrectly? It’s spelled “Passing STROM” on your iPod.


  5. Victor

    “Passing Strom” – Ottmar’s salute to the late Strom Thurmond?? Just kidding!

    No Curt, I totally didn’t see that – guess I was seeing what I thought should be there! Well, when I uploaded NF Tenth Anniversary it got the name right. Of course it didn’t distinguish album names so now it has both sets under the same album name.

    I’ll have to pop in the CD again and see how it’s listed. Is there a way to edit names locally in iTunes? I’ll play with it, see what I can sort out.


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