DRM Battle

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Sony BMG DRM part of battle for control between Apple, labels

Here’s one reason why Sony BMG has made their new CD-based DRM relatively easy to crack: it’s not exactly pirates they’re after. According to Variety, the new copy protection scheme — which makes it difficult to rip CDs and listen to them with an iPod — is designed to put pressure on Apple to open the iPod to other music services, rather than making it dependent on the iTunes Music Store for downloads. Of course, while this would be good for the labels, since it would diminish Apple’s control over their business, it flies in the face of Apple’s razor-and-blades strategy for the iPod and iTunes. And given Apple’s 80% share of the digital audio player market, we somehow suspect that the labels aren’t going to do too much to faze Stevie J.
(Via Engadget.)


  1. Eno

    80% of the market…

    wow that’s a monopoly.

    How about putting 80% of the Beatles song list in iTunes…wink wink ;)

  2. princessflutter

    Sorry to be cheap, but this stuff can really get expensive. I love and appreciate the music I listen to and I’ve tried to get my children to do the same. It just bugs me to have so many fees for every stinkin’ little service. Pay a fee to cover the cost of another fee that covers the original fee.
    I’m all for the music sharing sites. Once you pay for the music, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be permitted to share with some of your family and friends.

    flutter on….


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