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From an email I received. Change a few words and the note could be about playing guitar…

Some thoughts: third week into writing with a brush and ink… so hard! The tip of the brush must always be pointed and not loaded up too heavily with ink. Posture has to be perfect. Holding the paper down correctly takes effort. Remembering to breathe. Each stroke/style has to be carefully controlled and at the same time there needs to be enough freedom to make the movement fluid.

What a beginner I am! Each time I try, I have to make friends again with the brush, paper and ink. Patience.

How beautifully said! At first I attacked my guitar, tried to make it submit… but years later I woke up one day and she was a friend and I could submit to her.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Your original post sent me back to my library for a book titled Sword and Brush by Dave Lowry. It links the art of Japanese calligraphy and Japanese swordsmanship. I’m looking forward to reading it again.

  2. Just Me

    so true for many of the arts. for instance, pottery: every time i sit down at the potters wheel i need to come to terms with the clay. you cannot force it because they it just resists. you have to become one with the clay so that your hands and the clay are doing the same dance. and you have to free your mind: you cannot think of anything but the clay and the movement of your hands while you work because as soon as you do…plop….it’s just a lump of clay again.

    although i am an amateur (and now have not sat at the wheel for many months) it feels so good when finally i get it “right” and both the clay and my hands want to do the same thing.


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