Tucson Review

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Here is a review of the Tucson show by one Matt Callahan. Disclosure: I bribed him by giving him a ticket for the Phoenix show.


  1. Ole

    Hey, I can be bought, too! Only I’m not a reviewer :)

    Anyway everybody probably takes something away from each performance they think is new and special. For me the difference on this tour is slightly more electric guitar, which was awesome.

  2. Luz

    I can be bought too! :-)

  3. Panj

    Oooooo…that I could write such a review…was FANTASTIC Matt…Thanks!!!

  4. Just Me

    Oh, I think you have many fans who can be bought! What a kind and generous gesture, Ottmar.

  5. Borya

    And we all know your price, Matt! :)

  6. Just Me

    no wonder you took your time getting it just right, matt. you knew the master was going to read it. amazing job, but i’ve already told you that.

  7. keats79

    No posts about the PHX show so I will. I was having trouble matching my days off to the show schedule so I got my tickets late. Yes, we flew out to PHX just for this; it was worth it. We were sitting in the 3rd to last row stage left (about 60 degrees off in the last open section.) It was not hot for PHX but under the lower roof section it was about 85 degrees up there…stifling. We moved after the intermission to way left and low (about 15 degrees cooler, and I was in shorts.) The music was great. For some reason I liked the second half of the show better (I don’t think it was the temperature just seemed to connect better, the rest of the audience also was more into it I think.) The lighting was problematic; when the stage lights translated to horizontal they were shining right into Ron’s eyes. I know because when his head moved I got zapped by a yellow “laser” several times. That had to be uncomfortable but he acted like he was enjoying himself just the same. Really professional, very impressive.
    I won’t go to that venue again in the summer unless I can get lower level seating. I am looking forward to the Dallas show.


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