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Neumann Microphone - 2
RIP – in 1999 it was accidentally thrown in the trash instead of mailed off for repair… called the City of Santa Fe for permission to look around the dump, but they would not let me… – but if I still had this mic, which we used on Leaning into the Night and several other albums, I would have never discovered how much more quiet the M149 is. The M149 rules!


  1. Greg Hale

    OL, You are right on this Neumann, one of the best ever! Exceptional for studio work – too bad it’s probably way too sensitive for live performances…I did like the sound at the Sunday show in Phoenix using the KSM141s…I could really hear the dark wood overtones from the DeVoe.

  2. MichaelV

    It’s a good thing the City of Santa Fe did not allow you to search around the trash dump. Can you imaging seeing your picture in the front page of the local newspaper “Local musician in the dumps these days.”


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