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Tucson restaurant
I think we have had breakfast here every single time we have come to Tucson. Dinner was excellent at the Cup Cafe in the Hotel Congress, right across the street from the Rialto. You would never know it from the outside of the hotel – luckily somebody from the Rialto suggested the place.

The theater is a lot nicer than it was in 2001 on our last visit. The back of it has been cleaned up and there is even a clean shower in an adjacent building!


  1. Brad

    Hotel Congress looks like crap from the outside. But ya, im glad Rialto is looking better all the time, they closed it down for a long while to do renovations on it. They needed some AC in it though, it was pretty hot during the show, which by the way was fantastic, especially Ballad 4 Santana as the encore,(loved the electric guitar work in it)But the great thing about being in Tucson is the vast abundance of great Mexican food, so next time you come to play here, hit up Mi Nidito, fantastic food.

  2. Panj

    OOOhhhh, I think just the opposite…lol…the Hotel looks positively charming. A stepping back in History to a slower, clamer pace, and assuming freshness and cleanliness, it could even be romantic…of course being set in a lil old town out in the middle of no-where, would make it a shoe-in…:-)))

  3. Panj

    AND…Thanks Ottmar for the travel log…God Speed to you all!


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