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Dass Jon Gagan auch ein geschmackvoller Komponist ist, beweist er jetzt mit den 13 Songs auf ‘Transit’. So unvermeidlich man als kritischer Hoerer den Bass ins Zentrum der Aufmerksamkeit stellt, so bescheiden draengt sich Gagan doch niemals in den Vordergrund. Er ist einfach present, eingebettet in eine Handvoll Percussions und Schlagzeug und als Partner einer Riege von Gitarristen, die von seinem Bruder Tim Gagan an der Lap Steel bis zu seinem langjaehrigen Kollegen Ottmar Liebert reicht. Vibraphon, Saxophon und Rhodes bzw. Hammond runden die Band dann und wann ab.


  1. Borya

    Wow … ahem … I’m very surprised to read that. How came it? Did Jon send a copy there? I wanted to ask you all the time anyway if you send some of those pre-publish CDs to German or let’s say European magazines as well. I wrote an email once to a magazine called “Akustik Gitarre” to ask them if they’d intend to review La Semana but never received an answer. Maybe I should be more persistent.

  2. Just Me

    would one of you please englighten the rest of us?

  3. Adam Solomon

    That’s very cool!! For you non-German speakers out there, here’s the translated interview (translated by me, not by…of course…~nervous laugh~):

    That Jon Gagan is also a tasteful composer, he proves now with the 13 Songs on ‘ transit ‘. So inevitably one as critical listeners the bass in the center of the attention places, then modestly Gagan nevertheless never pushes itself into the foreground. It is simply present, embedded in a handful of Percussions and schlagzeug and as partner of a Riege of guitarist, who reaches from its brother Tim Gagan to the Lap Steel up to its colleague of many years Ottmar Liebert. Vibraphon, saxophone and Rhodes and/or Hammond round those now and then off volume.

  4. Panj

    heehee…I did get a good deal of the article translated…but had Jon as a ‘delecious’ composer…well maybe that is my prejudice showing thru…:-)))

  5. Borya

    Well done, Adam. Is it Yiddish that similar? Had no idea that you can understand my language that good. Maybe I should write in German to you in the future to give you practise! :)
    Anyway, what you didn’t translate:
    “Schlagzeug” means “drums” and “Riege an Gitarristen” means “a group of guitarrists” or “several guitarrist”.

  6. Just Me

    thanks, carol…it’s great!


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