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The SSRI Music Downloads Store, called Listening Lounge will enable web visitors to browse an extensive collection of downloadable music for instant credit card purchase. The pricing scheme will be similar to that of the iTunes music store – $1 for a single song, $10 for a whole album, but our customers will have the opportunity to download music at much higher quality, even uncompressed. In addition to that all of our music files will be without DRM or copy-protection. When purchasing certain albums, customers will have the option of downloading a PDF for printing out accompanying liner notes and/or CD jewel case art.

While the store’s initial offerings will be limited to music from SSRI’s catalog, i.e. Ottmar Liebert and Jon Gagan, the site will be designed so that other artists can be represented as well. The Listening Lounge will also offer an extensive catalog of Live recordings of Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra concerts.


– All music available from the Listening Lounge will be sold with a Sampling+/1.0 license from Creative Commons.

That means customers are free:
– to sample, mash-up, or otherwise creatively transform this work for commercial (!) or noncommercial purposes
– to perform, display, and distribute copies of this whole work for noncommercial purposes, e.g. file-sharing or noncommercial webcasting/podcasting

Under the following conditions:
– they must give the original author credit
– they may not use this work to advertise or promote anything but the work they created from it
– for any reuse or distribution, they must make clear to others the license terms of this work

We are also asking every person who creates new works using samples/loops/sections of our music to log their use at We are sharing our music, and we would love to hear the results.

– Visitors can browse the collection, listen to previews of songs, and add songs or albums to the shopping cart before logging in. Music collection can be browsed by album, artist, genre, release date, or song title.
– When viewing an album, album art is displayed as well as a link for downloading a PDF for making your own CD liner notes / back.
– Visitors can add individual songs to their shopping cart for $1 each, or whole albums for the album price of $10.
– Once songs or albums have been purchased they are included in the registrant’s music library (downloads) page for at least six months. All songs can be downloaded as 128, 192, 256, or 320 kbps MP3s. Some songs will also have the option to be downloaded as a raw 16-bit 44khz AIFF.

We have never seen a store like this, offering high quality and DRM-free files in conjunction with a CC Sampling license. This is the kind of store we ourselves would love… so we are building it for you. We hope to go online in July. Watch this space for further announcements.


  1. Curt

    Bless you Ottmar. I’ve been after MusicMatch and MSN Music to offer album liners notes as part of the album download with no response at all. I’ve actually stopped purchasing album downloads because without the liner notes, I feel like I’m getting only part of the product. You are doing a great service here! Finally, I’m getting a true album purchase. yyYAAY!

  2. Ole


  3. Adam Solomon

    Ottmar, this is amazing. This has been in the works for almost two years now, no? And it’s a dream come true, really. Just know how appreciative each and every one of us is for this. So when is it launching?

  4. Panj

    Thank You, Ottmar and Puter-gang!!!This sounds very easy and wide ranged…who knows…maybe you guys will drag me into the 20th Century,to learn to download music and print it…yes yes!…:-)
    You guys are AWESOME for doing this!!!

  5. Victor

    Well, if you’re going to give us everything we could possibly want and nothing to complain about – that’s not the standard business model in this country, but OK! ;-)

    Seriously, that’s exciting news! Thank you so much Ottmar!


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