Q+A About the Toyota Prius

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From Morning News
Q: How does the electric motor in the Toyota Prius work? Do you have to plug it in at night or make sure to drive it only on sunny days?
A: No. The electric motor in the Prius is entirely self-sustaining. It runs on Toyota’s patented Smug Superiority Aura Drive, which gathers energy from the Prius driver himself as he silently pities the other drivers on the road for piloting vehicles that get less than 50 miles to the gallon.


  1. Just Me

    You gotta love that “Smug Superiority Aura Drive”. Another great site! Where do you come up with all these? And did you read, driving one might even get you a ticket to the afterlife!

  2. Adam Solomon

    Cool! On a somewhat-related news, did you hear that the Prius has been caught with a programming bug that can cause it to shut down occasionally on highways? I’m sure you did, but it was announced the week you were at the Sesshin, so you never blogged it…

  3. Just Me

    Only on highways? It knows it’s driving on a highway?

  4. Adam Solomon

    See, I think that was it, but I don’t remember the exact article. I remember the gist, though. Prius, computer bug, shuts down :P I’m sure it’s not too common though or we’d be hearing much more about it.

  5. Ottmar

    Is it wide-spread or maybe limited to those people who did a mod to get full-electric driving?


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