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Changed the date format for this diary to something close to how I label my music files. I name mixes like this: Kora 050514 – year, month, day. That way I can see at first glance when a mix was made and all the mixes are automatically grouped together.

BTW, the master disc for Winter Rose: Music inspired by the Holidays has been sent to 33rd Street, who will once again manufacture and distribute the new SSRI album. Listening to the music after spending a week in retreat in Salt Lake City I was very, very happy with the album.

Regarding our Fall/Winter tour I would like to let you know that our set list will contain about one third Christmas songs, the other two thirds will be originals. I think it will be nice to roll out new versions of Bombay (from The Hours between Night + Day) for example – especially if our plan to tour with a string quartet works out.

Another thought regarding the next album. The way hear it, it is the last in a trilogy celebrating the holidays that started in 1990 with Poets & Angels. That first album was very upbeat… an instant Christmas party… the second album christmas + santa fe, was a little more subdued, a little deeper perhaps… this third and last album in the series is more introverted for the most part, although there are two or three upbeat tunes – the working title was opium xmas after my album called opium… to me these three albums represent different feelings concerning the holidays. Sometimes I want festive and sometimes I want introspection. I think these three albums are all good, and it will be interesting to hear how some of you remix the music by making your own compilation CDs with music from all three albums.


  1. Greg Hale

    How ’bout “Stardate” 2005.0602 ?

  2. Just Me

    I can’t wait to hear Winter Rose. I have christmas + sante fe: I need to get myself Poets & Angels. You’re so right about the mood differences; holiday music is just like other music: sometimes you want upbeat sometimes you want subdued.

  3. Curt

    I swear that if I hear you play Bombay with a string quartet I will simply break down and cry! That song is one of my favorite compositions and adding strings to it would… well, nobody make fun of me if they see me getting teary-eyed, OK?


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