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We added a show on June 22 in Chico, CA at the Sierra Nevada Big Room. That should complete the schedule for the first tour of 2005.


  1. Cesco

    Ahh I would love to see just 1 of your shows… but I’m livin’ in Europe more exact in Swiss.
    Hey Ottmar is there any chance to see you again somewhere in EU? I would know some really cool places around Basel for u ;)

  2. Panj

    LOL…malik…at least you have a continent and an ocean to thwart you…I have only fate! Just came back from Chico and will be there 3 days AFTER Ottmar’s concert AND the concert right in my backyard here…yes I will be with my Chico relatives! (groooooaaaannnnn) but not to be bested, I shall at least work on getting my Tante there! Not only the best Music on the planet, but a ‘bestest’ cause…:-)


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