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New interior:New Name. I renamed my studio last week, and the blue door at the entrance will soon be painted bright red. The old name was: Spiral Subwave SchtudioSchtudio is the way one would pronounce the word studio in German…

The new name is: Oto-Mare

Oto means Sound in Japanese, Mare means the Sea in Italian… together they sort of sound like my name and to me they mean Sea of Sound. Writing a piece of music is like swimming and then diving into the sea of sound. The Kanji for Oto looks like this:


  1. Luz

    Great new name for the studio. Would also be a nice name for a restaurant with your music playing in the background.

  2. Matt Callahan

    I’d like to see the Kanji for the word Oto. Might be neat to place on the door.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Matt’s right, maybe as a little logo or something….let me go see if I can find my Japanese dictionary ;)

    Here we go! It’s definitely a cool-looking kanji. Sort of a Shinto temple look, it’d look nice on the door ;)

  4. Borya

    Very beautiful idea, with or without logo. Yet I’ll miss the Spiral Subwave. And – being a German – the Schtudio as well.

  5. Just Me

    this would make a nice tattoo :-)

  6. Panj

    Awesome new name, and very appropriate!!! The Kanji reminds me of a man leaping in the aire over an earth sign…like your Music makes us feel!!!


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