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This is my last week home before the tour. Home always looks especially sweet during that last week. The first week on tour, and the first week back home after the tour are the hardest. The weeks in between are fine, because one gets into the rhythm of touring.

Then there is always the question, how will the new line-up sound? We will play as a quartet for the first time at rehearsals next week. Fine musicians to be sure, but how will they gel together? Sometimes you can have great musicians, that just don’t fit together very well, or you can have musicians who are less impressive on their own, but sheer magic when in the group. I guess we will find out soon. I am very optimistic. This could be a magical quartet.

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  1. Luz

    I’m sure your last week home before the start of a tour is meloncholy. Traveling away from home and family must be hard but as you said once on the road you get into your routine.

    I heard the new song by Michael Buble which is titled “Home”. Your blog today reminded me of the song. I’m looking into catching your tour on the road this summer but just might have to wait till Christmas.


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