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Yesterday afternoon I recorded a new piece I wrote last week. I am sending the recording to Genpo Roshi on monday, because I asked him to give it a title since it seems to be a result of the sesshin.

I recorded the guitar through my usual set-up, but changed the sampling rate to 24bit/96k instead of the CD quality 16bit/44.1k I usually work with. My thoughts:

+ more headroom – more dynamic
+ a little clearer with a little more definition – but I still maintain that a great microphone and pre-amp is much more imporant than the sampling rate!!
– uses a lot more space on your HD
– crashed my Mac for the first time in months while I was converting the 24/96 mix to 16/44.1 to burn a CD
– some plug-ins don’t work at the higher sampling rate

So far I have to say that the difference was not really big enough to convince me to record in 24/96. Maybe I’ll do 24/44.1 in order to get a little more headroom.


  1. Curt

    How much disc space would you save by bumping down the sampling rate from 96 to 44?

    Any chance of your new composition making it on your Winter Rose CD?

  2. Ottmar

    The new song is one of three new pieces I started working on for up close. We will perform them this year and start recording in the Winter.

  3. Adam Solomon

    So will you be playing them during the winter tour, or will these pieces be heard mainly during the summer? Also, since Genpo’s naming it, have you decided against the idea of only titling the up close songs by the date + time they were recorded?

  4. Borya

    Adam, what you mention is the idea for the working concept of Tears in Rain, as far as I remember.

  5. Adam Solomon

    Oh dear Lord you’re right! Of course, how could I forget….it’s just that this man is recording so many darned albums!! hehe


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