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Bottle Broke
I almost tested the Lloyds of London policy covering my hands at lunch today. The glass quietly came apart as I started to move the cork. The bottle is empty because I strained the wine into a decanter, of course… wouldn’t want to waste wine…


  1. Matt Callahan

    Isn’t over aggressive cork removal one of the first signs of a drinking problem?

  2. Ole

    Tasting notes, please; what was it, and how is it drinking?

    Just think, it could have been worse. It could have been a magnum :)

  3. Mel

    I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself. I just bought my ticket today to see you at Marymoor Park and I would have been really sad if you would have needed to cancel due to injury. Not to mention that an injury wouldn’t have been good for you in the first place. :-)

  4. Panj

    VERY good Luck!!!…(nervous twitch)…almost spit pepsi all over my keyboard at Matt’s comment…:-)))


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