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Ottmar Liebert

Winter Rose: Music inspired by the Holidays

Release date of CD:
Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Why Tuesday? I don’t know. The music biz in the USA always releases new product on Tuesdays – so does iTunes…

The CD will again be manufactured and distributed by 33rd Street and will carry a wholesale price of $8.09, which will be sold at retail for $11.99 – $12.99 – and even less on sale.

I have one more hurdle to take, but 33rd Street is very supportive of Creative Commons (imagine that!!) and right now it still looks like the CD version of the album will be released with a Creative Commons license! Maybe you don’t realize what a big step that is. It will allow anybody to sample this album and use the samples for derivative commercial works. It’s a big step, but one I am glad to take. And since Jon is into this approach as well, Transit 2 will most likely be released under the same license.


  1. Eno

    I have my sampler ready :P

  2. Curt

    I can’t WAIT for the CD and congrats on taking the leap Ottmar!

  3. Cesco

    Woow that license thing is absolutely awesome, I’ll have to thank you Ottmar, that we can use your music four our “musical interests”.

    Would it be a cool thing if your step, to open the music for the people, makes the round? Just imagine, sampling around with an old doors or pink floyd song… grrrr nice idea.

    Anyway, I could never take a hand on one of your songs. ;)

  4. Adam Solomon

    Oh man!! So, so soon……you’re too much. You really are. Thank you so much :)

  5. Carol

    Gee I thought I left a comment. I hope the whole world gets to experience this one. Think how great it would be. Every bit of your music becomes the better part of a persons heart. What an October this will be! oh my… another mesmerizing CD. Thank you Ottmar.

  6. Aberrones

    Cant wait, looking forward to it.

  7. Just Me

    I can’t wait! I just received “La Semana” yesterday…WONDERFUL! and I got an email saying that “In the Arms of Love” is on its way….you never have too much OL!

  8. Panj

    Congratulations on the release!!!!! Am now looking forward to finding that Holiday Spirit again. I like the Creative Commons License…the 3rd condition of the License reminds me a bit of Fish and Loaves being dispersed…:-)….a very nice system! Thanks for all the Music…goooooood nutrition…:-)))


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