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Any CDs I burn using Toast in the studio play on every CD player in my house, including the cheap JVC unit in my kitchen that has become my benchmark – if it plays in the kitchen it will play anywhere…

When I burn a CD using Toast on my laptop, it will play in the other CD players in the house, but not in the kitchen…

So I investigated: my G4 PowerBook has a MATSHITA DVD-R drive, while my G4 (Dual 1.25) in the studio has a Toshiba DVD-R drive. My laptop runs Tiger and uses the latest Toast version while the studio computer runs 10.3.8 (I have no plans to switch during the next six months) and uses a 6. version that is a few months old.

I think it has nothing to do with the software however, since yesterday I created a CD in Jam (so I can enter the ISRC code for each song), then I created a Disc Image of the CD to be burned, transfered that file to the studio Mac using a portable FireWire drive, imported the Disc Image to Toast and burned a CD. The CD plays in the kitchen.

Has anybody else noticed something similar? One CD or DVD drive being more compatible than others?


  1. Curt

    I have four drives that I use and I’ve never had trouble with them (including a GE clock radio CD player). Just the usual problems with different CD-R manufacturers.

  2. Cesco

    Yes I did but on PC’s working with Windoof. My recording comp uses a NEC DVD-R/+R burner. Never had any problems no matter with what bitrate I burned the Audio or Mp3 files.

    My Acer Laptop uses a noname DVD-R/+R drive and guess what… not a single CD works on my stereo’s EVER. The only way I can listen to them is when I put the CD back into my PC. Wired…

    The point is, if you can use a CD with stereo’s or radios depends on the burning-quality of your burner. (how exact, with what speed, and so on)

  3. Celine

    I’ve had the same problem. For me the solution was to use non-rewritable CD’s instead of rewritable. Silly.


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