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A vision of the future? An 8 minute transmission from the year 2014. I saw this a while ago, but LR reminded me of it today and it makes some very interesting points. Is this what we want?


LR writes:
John Celona had an interesting response: “I always spoke of the narcissism of the computer screen/portal. It’s a mirror as we look for ourselves, our meaning and existence but we don’t ask any questions before seeking.

People will at last be able to choose to only read news that re-inforces their beliefs and notions. Custom-tailored to their illusion. Of course you can read the Weekly World News right now and enjoy the headline: ALIEN BIBLE FOUND! THEY WORSHIP OPRAH!

I think it is wonderful when we are proven wrong, when we read something that startles us, that wakes us up to a different reality. But I realize that many people custom-tailor their information already and only read magazines and newspapers that re-inforce their beliefs. So, really nothing will change if Googlezon delivers your custom news…


  1. Adam Solomon

    It’s interesting, sure, though I don’t know if it worries me that much. A lot of the way in which we get information is becoming digitalized, sure, but will it be to that extent? I don’t know if I see such a negative trend in the growing emphasis that’s being placed on digital media. It makes interesting points, yes, but they’re all speculative. Will things really be like that?

  2. Adam Solomon

    Ah. Never thought of it like that. Guess I sort of discounted the factor of “bad” news…

    And I read that issue of the Weekly World News. Where’s their Pulitzer??

  3. Just Me

    Don’t you think we do that already? We may read headlines but we really only read the articles that appeal to us or that really catch our attention.

  4. Carol

    That’s why blogs and articles that allow feedback and comments are so great, because they just make one broaden their outlook more…unless you’re really stubborn.


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