This is what Piracy looks like

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Russian Pirate
This Russian Pirate CD with mp3 files for all of the songs from 8 of my albums (!!) is being sold on Ebay. Emails have been sent to SONY/BMG/Epic Records and EMI/Higher Octave, but I doubt it can be stopped in time. I have not been able to notify Ebay, as I would have to become a member of Ebay first – very stupid!
Thanks for finding this Carol!


  1. Cesco

    I’ve recently watched a quite interesting reportage about piracy in china. Ohm to be honest, you wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t seen it.
    Ok I give you a example: Well let’s think you wish to buy a “near DVD-quality” movie, who just started in your local cinemas, hey no prob. You only have to visit one of those wide spreaded (I’m not kidding!) multimedia-stores and speak out your wishes… There you go you just bought an actual movie in a nice case with covers.

    That makes me scare a bit… Here in Switzerland, (livin’ here) we just realized how big that kind of business growth. So the hole county felt in imprudent rush against piracy. With no success… is it the same way in the US?

  2. Husband

    Notice the feedback score or ZERO!

  3. Adam Solomon

    Well, hopefully ebay can track this guy and put a stop to it. I wonder how many of those dozens of files he actually bought….hmm, none?

    Look on the bright side: Somebody’s going to buy this and have a lotttt of great music.

  4. Panj

    CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP…Carol and Eric…hope this is stopped QUICKLY!!!…hissssssssssssssssss

  5. Tyler Love

    Ebay is actually very good about catching bootlegs like this, they rarely sell if they even make it through the full duration of the auction.

    Anyone that buys these types of bootlegs would probably never buy a real CD in the first place so I really don’t think the artist is losing anything, but it’s sad that the bootlegger gets away with it.


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