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Music: Ballad 4 Santana/iTunes

And we are very close to getting all of La Semana, some of nouveaumatic and all of Transit onto iTunes. I’d say it should be up in time for our tour.

PS: The three 2004 live recordings now licensed to Epic Records and available from iTunes (see above photo): Ballad 4 Santana, Duende del Amor, and Snakecharmer were available in their entirety for free in our Listening Lounge – until this morning. You can still stream or download about 3-5 minutes of each song from the LL, but the complete songs are now only available on iTunes. We are not planning to release these three tracks on CD at all.

Hey, if you hadn’t downloaded them already, why didn’t ya?


  1. Adam Solomon

    Yay! :) Are those three singles that you guys have actually released, or just something iTunes did?

  2. Cesco

    Hey Ottmar why you don’t release a CD from your actual tour? I mean I’ve downloaded every live-piece, but it makes me not really happy, the play list is still toooooo short!

    Ohm did that sound slimy?? ;)


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