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Music: Winter Rose (Rough Mixes) – Ottmar Liebert

Right foot on stool
On saturday morning I picked up a rakusu ring Keith Vizcarra had made for me, and discovered that he had an old classical guitar foot stool. I asked to borrow it and discovered over the weekend that my back feels better after a couple of hours of playing if I use it under my right foot instead of crossing my right leg over my left. Classical guitarist use this kind of stool under their left foot, but to me that feels too disconnected from the guitar.
Legs crossed
As you can see from the two photos, the position of the guitar itself does not change. You can find two more photos on my Flickr page by clicking on the above pictures.


  1. Carol

    I’m glad you found it then. Seems like the change will add a lot more comfort. We’ll all appreciate knowing that. Time to do some more bartering I guess?

  2. Just Me

    Good luck trying to break yourself of the habit of crossing your leg! It will be much better for your back, though.

  3. Carol

    ‘Winter Rose’ I am mesmerized already. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Damon

    I saw Paco de Lucia’s concert last year and he was using a foot stool on his right leg as well. I’ve seen a lot of guys doing this nowadays. I also use one when I play, I can’t cross my legs for long periods of time or my right leg will fall asleep. :) Manolo Sanlucar plays like this as well:


  5. unforgiven

    I have the same problem as damon.
    sometimes I change my position to solve this problem,but in this case it seems that I can not dominate on my guitar.foot stool may be the treatment


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