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Frustrating day at work. Updated the studio Mac to OS 10.3.8 last week which solved the problem of the AIT2 Tape backup system not being recognized by the Retrospect backup software. So, now I can backup fine, but today the computer froze about 10 times in the middle of working. One time I was able to save a mix barely 5 seconds before the computer froze.

If I use my spider-sense, I have to belief it is a problem with the Magma chassis which holds the three ProTools HD PCI cards. I think I might take the risk of changing the computer setup in the middle of finishing this album, and open up the Magma and Mac and move the PCI cards to the computer. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

PS: 10PM. I switched the 3 ProTools cards from the Magma chassis to the Mac and worked on two more mixes. Everything seemed to work perfectly. Could be a coincidence or the solution. I love the way Macs open up – it took only a couple of minutes to insert the PCI cards.

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  1. Damon


    What studio monitors are you currently using? 2.1/5.1? I think, I saw Genelecs on the studio photos you posted a couple of years back? Nice job with La Semana.

    Are you coming to Florida this year?



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