U.N. to Shut Down Internet Permanently

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This story says the United Nations General Assembly voted 165 to 6 with one abstention to shut down the Internet. The reason given was that the rapid and uncontrolled flow of information was destabilizing the governments of many of the member states. Furthermore, the Internet has increasingly become a vehicle for fraud and scams. Finally, the Internet produced the infamous ‘DOT COM’ debacle which had disastrous repercussions for the World economy.
(Via Slashdot)


  1. Tyler Love

    Every article on slashdot today is an April Fools article for those of you who didn’t get that

  2. Panj

    LOL…now THAT was funny…:-)))

  3. Sebastian

    Ottmar’s post is also a joke since it’s posted on the 1th 2!

  4. Carol

    That is a great piece of writing! I especially liked the part about the Nigerians losing their main source of income. Probably because I still regularly get that sincere plea. I wonder if they’ve had many takers on that. After all, it only costs $$


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