Zen and the Brain

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Just received the book Zen and the Brain in the mail today. Close to 850 pages… but then again 150 of those are footnotes and references… 700 pages, that should keep me out of trouble, hm… until Summer? Christmas? the end of the decade?


  1. Adam Solomon

    Hey, don’t doubt yourself! I read Atlas Shrugged intermittenly, with spurts of a lot of reading, and spurts of no reading and finished it within 8 months. And it has 370 pages more, hehe, so….my money’s on 5 months :P Have fun with it!

  2. dave

    That’s a bit longer than Ken Wilber’s SES, less footnotes, which took me about three months to read.

  3. Carol

    Some books are page-turners. great reading…soon forgotten. Books like this are pages to ponder over each paragragh…slow going and they change a person.


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