The Snow sparkles

02005-03-16 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Music: Vespertine – Bjork

I have turned the comment option on again. A lot of people need to comment on my posts and have taken to emailing me those. That doesn’t help my situation. Therefore I have turned on the comment option again. Comment away, friends!
The next step is to have my manager type a new password into my computer and refuse to tell me what it is…

The sun is out and the snow sparkles! It looks most beautiful. I am off to the studio.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Hey, will ya look at that, they’re back! :) Guess not many people took to commenting on the forum, it’s probably too convoluted and imperfect a method, so it’s definitely nice to have these back! And look at the spiffy new pop-up window, hmmm….

  2. Carol

    My face is red, and I am sore ashamed.


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