Water, Cards, a Book

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The rain falls on the just
and the unjust fella,
But mainly on the just ’cause
the unjust got the just’s umbrella

– African-American tapdance rhyme-song

found in the book Writing on Water

Played a lot of guitar to day. Worked on several songs. I must be the only guitarist who can use a Guitar Rig sound called “Bootsy”, and make it work on Away in a Manger!

In the evening I played around with the Sound Devices 722 recorder and the NT4 stereo microphone. Really a nice mic! I used playing cards to record an effect not unlike guitar rasguados. Recorded turning the pages of a big book on the design of cities – written by a New York architecture critic… I seem to remember he considered Paris the most well kept city.

Wonder what Jon could do with those sounds. He has been putting loops into the Reason application and changing them into other-worldly goodness. The other day I heard a cool rhythm loop which turned out to be my own dry guitar – that’s what we call playing a rhythm on the guitar while muting the strings with the left hand. I have a feeling Transit 2 will be amazing!


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