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Music: the muffled sound of snow everywhere

Could Canton have known about this change of weather? He made it to the Mexican border just in time and is probably wearing shorts by now. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have seen him wear shorts…

Worked in the studio most of yesterday. Had to swim through the snow back to the house in the evening. And woke up to even more snow this morning. I have often felt that the studio is too close to home, but today I feel that it is too far. Maybe I should have a roof built over the path between house and studio? A small version of the saffron gates in Central Park, but with a roof over it?

Had an interesting email exchange with a couple of companies yesterday. I emailed both Sound Devices and Soundman/OKM about using the in-ear OKM microphones with the SD722. The output of the OKMs is a stereo mini plug and the input of the SD722 are two balanced XLRs. Tech support at Sound Devices emailed back that if I was to use a crappy microphone like that I would certainly have no need for their SD722 and could make do with a lesser recorder that has stereo mini-plugs… Gotta love techies. And I actually do appreciate their narrow thinking! It is how they designed their 722 so well and why they made sure it has great pre-amps and features… but there are times when holding a big microphone in your hands is just a little to conspicuous, and that’s when I want to be able to use the OKMs. The Soundman tech support wrote back that they do have an adaptor for me that will work and I ordered it through my favorite gear guy. Should have it by the end of the week.

More title ideas:
HolyDay 05
The Roses of Christmas (we recorded a beautiful piece by Gabriel Faure called Les Roses d’Ispahan – where Jon plays the melody on the bass and I play a bassline on the guitar… I also like the juxtaposition of Roses and Winter
Dreaming December
Christmas MMV– MMV meaning 2005 in Roman letters

Now I have to get the birds more food, they have finished the seed in both feeders….


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