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A new report from the Institute for Highway Safety found the Mercedes E-Class had the lowest fatality rate, at 10 deaths per million registered vehicles, while luxury cars taken as a category had 37….
Chevrolet’s Blazer SUV had the highest death rate of all vehicles, at 308 per million. As a group, small vehicles, including pickups (124) and two-door cars (130) faired poorly, as did small SUVs, at 102.

(Via Jalopnik)

In other words, if you are rich you can afford healthcare and a much safer car.

I wonder how many people bought the Blazer believing it to be safer than a tiny two-door, considering that it accounts for more than twice the fatalities…

I also wonder how much a person’s driving style has to be factored in. I have seen plenty of people racing through Santa Fe’s snow in an SUV, thinking that they are safe because of the size of their vehicle and its all-wheel drive. Unfortunately when you brake on ice or snow all bets are off. No matter how good the brakes on your vehicle are, weight will be the most important factor in how far you are going to slide.


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