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Music: Hollow Bamboo – Ronu Majumbar

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Providing a means for you to ‘spot-check’ your blind date at a moment’s notice is top priority for a team of scientists and engineers at the University of Pennsylvania, who have developed a system to analyze oral samples for everything from alcohol, drugs, bacteria, viruses, hormones, antiobodies and more. Means for testing some of these elements have existed for some time, but more complex tests like the ones used for Anthrax require advanced labs that heat and cool a sample through a series of reactions—something not terribly easy to miniaturize. The new technology being developed by the University will hopefully shrink the testing unit to a kit about the size of a credit card.
Miniaturized Saliva Lab in the Works
(Via Gizmodo.)

Dating sure is going to change over the next decade or so, isn’t it. First this saliva kit will be used, but eventually somebody will develop a more discreet scanner.. maybe something hanging around your neck, disguised as jewelry, that collects those tiny droplets of spit everyone emits with their speech. Then you excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and read the info from the scanner on your PDA or phone.

“I had a lovely time. Excuse me, I’d love to kiss you good night, but I see you have a nasty virus – do call me, however, after you get rid of that…”

“Son, you can’t just go out with someone. That’s so 20th Century. If you are opposed to doing a financial background check, at least check her DNA and health before you go to the prom!”

PS: regarding the music I am listening to – Ronu Majumbar plays Bansuri flute, and while I am in general not a fan of flutes, I have to tell you I do like Bansuri (Indian flute) and Shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo flute). I discovered this artist on Jon Hassell’s Fascinoma CD, and had to have his solo album! Ry Cooder and Jon Hassell also perform on this CD. Very mellow. Lovely music. Perfect for dreaming, relaxing and, I imagine, especially nice for the L.A. freeway traffic…


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