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Last week I thought of a couple of nice improvements Apple could come up with. Since they would never listen anyway – I’ll tell you.


Until last year I could not use Reason or Live or even iTunes on my studio computer, because DigiDesign uses proprietary sound hardware and it was not possible to route other apps through the DigiDesign hardware. Last year they included a little helper app that basically automatically routes sound from any other application through the DigiDesign hardware. Genius! Suddenly I can switch from ProTools to Reason and hear what I am doing. Well, it would be nice if iTunes had a similar function that allowed me to route any sound through iTunes and thereby to any stereo hooked up via an AirPort Express. These would include QuickTime, the DVD Player app and any music apps.

The other day I was sitting in front of my stereo upstairs comparing different recordings of Mahler’s symphonies. I was able to select the recordings from the downstairs music server (an old Apple Laptop hooked up to a 250GB FireWire drive) via a laptop I had next to me. Well, if only an iPod had Wi-Fi capability! Then I could sit anywhere in my house and hook up to the music server, choose a track to play and then choose which stereo to send it to… The iPod as the ultimate music remote control!!


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