Bird Feeders

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Bird Feeder
It’s a terrible photograph, but it will do for now…

A few years ago I removed the large bird feeders in my yard, because squirrels were taking the food and multiplying… I don’t like squirrels because they destroy the traditional rockwalls around here that protect the land from erosion. These rockwalls are usually made without mortar and do not withstand squirrels borrowing under them… and I live on a hill with lots of rockwalls and too many squirrels…

Well, last week I thought how much I miss the birds coming for a visit and bought the biggest bird feeder I could find. Damn, that’s a bird food palace! You can see the scale when you find the bird eating at the second perch from the bottom. I am not going to let the squirrels’ existence ruin my enjoyment of birds coming around. I used to get hundreds at one time – now I guess the bird-word has to get around first.

Since I don’t want to kill the squirrels, I guess I will just have to keep repairing the rockwalls… hm, that sounds better than not having the birds come around…


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