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Updated the home video pages. There is also a link to them on the right side among the other Links.

The 1996 Drum Duet seems to be playing fine now. Added another little clip from Verona, Italy from 1996.

I also added a little tribute to the Jazz Drummer Buddy Rich that was emailed to me. Buddy Rich was famous for his temper and foul language – so be warned. His outburst were often recorded by his band members and cassettes of the so-called Buddy Rich Bus Tapes were handed from musician to musician. I first heard them about ten years ago. Well, I am sure a lot of copyrights are being infringed in this little home-made video some anonymous person made – just let me know if your copyright is being abused and I will be happy to delete the video at once. If you mind foul language don’t watch this video. If you watch it anyway, do not complain to me. I know you can’t resist…


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