What? Climate Change?

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Two examples from Los Angeles and Florence:

Well, I’m Flying Back to Climate Change Central
Los Angeles is catching it. Hey, folks, look at me ‘predicting the present.’ You see this? This is what we call ‘climate change.’ No, really! Photos ‘borrowed’ from the Los Angeles Times, an actual, no kidding newspaper, which employs gifted, professional news photographers, and pays them.

Hollywood Freeway.
(Via Beyond the Beyond.)

It’s snowing. In Florence. Only the second time in twenty years, and the last time was last year. This is getting a bit worrying: I didn’t come to the Mediterranean for it to drop below freezing. I came here to grow lemons, and drink tiny tiny coffees. And right now, my lemon trees are sheltering in the shed, and the coffee is being poured in pints.
(Via Ben Hammersley’s Dangerous Precedent.)

Well, 99% of the people must, by now, know that global weather is changing… rather rapidly. The other one percent will presumably continue to keep their heads firmly in the sand.


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