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Loft in Boston
Found this photo which shows the white Gibson I just sold and my Mesa Boogie amp 20 years ago in a loft in Boston.

On Thursday I should receive the SD 722 I have mentioned a few times before. The center piece for the Tears in the Rain album I am planning to record in different locations. It will also come in very handy in the process of gathering field sounds for up close, the follow up to La Semana. I will immediately start evaluating different microphones to use with the SD 722…

I have another 6 songs for the Xmas album. That CD is shaping up very nicely. The tour will be tightly packed dates. In fact I have heard rumors that we will spend Thanksgiving on the buses and that we will return to Santa Fe no earlier than Christmas eve. I have never before toured that late in the year. It will be interesting. I am once again searching for the right title. Maybe just December 2005, or Holidays 2005, or Winter, or The Season? Just 2005… or Le Cafe? About a third of the music is Christmas songs and the rest are either classical pieces or original compositions and therefore I would like to find a title that is more universal than anything with the word Christmas… Something poetic that celebrates the season…

and then:
Lester writes that my new Negra is ready and will ship next week. He also writes:

I am excited for you to see your new guitar and the surprise!

Of course that gets my imagination going… how exciting!

Heard from Epic Records that more of my music should appear on iTunes very soon. Possibly even some Live tracks! In the meantime Canton has created new links to the NF, Poets & Angels and Borrasca music that appeared on iTunes last week.

I like my new Treo 650 phone, except that there are syncing problems – although I have to say that iSync is the worst software application Apple has ever created!! And now I find out this. Not good! My manager uses a Sidekick 2 which emits less than one fifth of the radiation of the Treo 650!

Shared some wine with Keith Vizcarra tonight and he started a new site with some photos of his guitars. We talked about something Canton brought up recently: CA wines are getting soooo big and bold… too big perhaps? Not something one would want to drink every day.


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