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In december Genpo Roshi gave a Dharma talk in which he said that Zazen is delicious. Like a refreshing drink after walking through the desert.

I have not really enjoyed playing guitar for a while. Pressure of my own making was building up. My next recording has to be the best recording yet…(and La Semana is a damn fine record!)

But, yesterday evening playing guitar was delicious. Like a drink after a long day in the desert. Wonderful. Inspiring. You know, it was the kind of playing where one is amazed at what one can do! I could not wait to start playing guitar again and was in my studio at 8AM this morning…

You know what the secret is? Whether you love it or hate it you have to do a certain amount of practice – every day. Like Zazen, playing guitar requires certain abilities that can whither away if not nourished. Like Zazen one has to keep doing it in order to break through. There are many days that I am not happy with my guitar playing or my sitting. And then, like the Santa Fe sun finding a hole between tightly packed clouds and making the whole landscape radiant for a moment… I find a new vista… and it was all worth it… so worth it.

Work + Discipline = Excellence. Eventually…


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