Tears in the Rain

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Thoughts on Tears in the Rain:

Tears in the Rain will be the second album in my BLUE solo series, the follow-up to In the Arms of Love, although quite different in character and not a lullaby record.

All song titles will contain the date stamp of the original recording file, which I will turn into one continuous number. I will use military/european 24 hr time and a day/month/year configuration. If the original recording was made at 3:47PM on May 13th of 2005 the title of the track would be simply: 1547130505

Since there won’t be any sign-posts in the form of words in the title, the emotional content will need to be discovered by the listener on his/her own without any suggestions from me. It might be interesting to publish my thoughts on each track online a few weeks/months after release of the album.

Every track will start out as an improvisation, captured on location with my new Sound Devices 722 recorder. However, I will not have a purist attitude about the recording (- like that’s something new, eh?)… That means that while the beginning of a track might be a pure stereo recording of my guitar playing, the second half might have added sounds and noises for example… or he other way around: out of a field-sound collage the guitar playing emerges…

I plan on adding location-recordings and will make use of digital editing capabilities to augment the original guitar recording, i.e. loop a certain part of my performance, change the attack of certain notes, alter the decay of other notes, and change the location of the sound in the stereo field etc….

I have not yet decided whether all of the guitar sounds for each piece have to come from the original recording file of each piece. That would be an interesting limitation that I may well make a rule for this recording.


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