Wednesday Morning

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Sometimes my working is play and sometimes my playing is work. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Received two Moleskine notebooks for my birthday which I will use for Up Close and Tears in the Rain. Each book to be filled with ideas, concepts, descriptions of sounds, titles etc. I imagine it will be nice to have such a book documenting the progress rather than having a file on a computer. I only use pencil on these books…

Discussed education in America with a friend yesterday. As the information age turns into the conceptual age, kids who do not have art and music classes will be ill-equipped to think in sweeping concepts. Accounting and code-writing is getting out-sourced and if countries like India teach their children the Arts, they could very well make the transformation to the conceptual age in a couple of decades, while American children might struggle to make that transition. Watching MTV does not count as getting a music education!

Santa Feans are enjoying the rain and snow we have been getting this winter. To remember this much moisture we have to look back to the early eighties!

A chief judge… faces a drunken-driving charge after he drove off a dead-end road in southwest Santa Fe about 1 p.m. Friday with an open bottle of vodka in his government-owned minivan, police said.

Only in New Mexico.

Received my new Treo 650 on Monday and am loving it. Although some early reports claimed that there were problems with the phone’s bluetooth hooking up to Toyota and Honda cars – mine connected to the car on the first try. The reception is great as well. I am donating my Tungsten C to Canton, who will use it to write music while he is in Mexico next month… I hope he will share some his “Palm Music” in our Listening Lounge…

I watched about 4 minutes of the Grammy show on TV on Sunday? Does anybody else think it is a complete embarrassment?


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